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The International Canine Society was established to help support dog shelters and allow you the chance to honour your friend.
You award them.
We help protect them.

Dogs are highly social animals

Dogs are highly social animals who have been cohabiting with humans for over 20000 years. After so many years together we share many things. We know each other’s body language, tone of voice and look in the eye.

One important chemical we share with dogs is oxytocin, a hormone associated with love. Levels of oxytocin increase in the brains of both humans and dogs when we interact. Making dogs very good for therapy.

Dog breeds became more diverse

Over time we have been choosing dogs with traits that fit our needs. As human society became more diversified so did the breeds of dogs. In Europe, during the 18th century, having a pure bred dog became a symbol of status. We began choosing dogs based on aesthetics. 

The number of breeds began to grow. Currently there are hundreds of breeds of dogs. Many are working dogs, but the vast majority are in our family homes. They are part of our family, we are part of their pack.

Give your dog the recognition it deserves.

Why suffer the tyranny of dog shows, the indignity of judgemental people or the hierachy of breed associations.

If, however, you’re one who enjoys the camaraderie and friendly competition of shows and associations then we can offer certificates based on a World Wide Ranking system.
First in gets the best awards.

The International Canine Society brings democracy back to the people.
You, the owner/pack member, can award your dog the recognition it so richly deserves.
Simply decide on which style of certificate you prefer, the Superlative and/or Premium.
Apart from rewarding your best friend, you’ll also be helping animal shelters as 20% of the purchase
price of each certificate is donated to an animal welfare group.

Our Vision

The vision of the International Canine Society is to promote positive interaction between not only people in society but also the animals contained within that society.

This will be achieved by minimizing out impact on the environment, donating 20% of the certificate price to animal protection organizations and to deliver only positive affirmations to dogs.

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